Experience – our base for decisions

The HOOSY Loop Alliance consists of hospitality experts with long history in our beloved industry. We know data transmission can be awful, and the quality differs a lot between providers.

Knowing how something doesn't work sometimes is the most important skill - especially when breaking new ground.

Courage– our superpower to ignore experience

At the same time, “We’ve always done it this way” is the biggest killer of innovation. That's why no HOOSYian will ever say this sentence. Even standards that we define now must continue to evolve again and again.

We consciously leave the old beaten paths and venture into new territory.

ECLASS – a German success story with global relevance as a role model. We develop the HOOSY standard based on and in close collaboration with the ECLASS model.

ECLASS has once defined global semantic data standards, for the classification and description of products and services, as an association, just like us. According to the ECLASS philosophy, the key to success for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things is standardized master data.

What was the future yesterday will be the past tomorrow. This particularly applies to technical developments. That's why ECLASS is constantly evolving as an open standard and adapts to the individual needs of users. More than 4,000 companies worldwide now benefit from this.

FCSI – a global association of hospitality experts. We work quite closely with all departments, but particularly with FCSI Germany-Austria. The best planners and consultants in the hospitality industry in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol have been meeting under this roof for more than 20 years now.

Anyone looking for competent consulting partners for creating visions and concepts in the hotel, catering or community catering industry can hardly ignore the FSCI.

More than 1,300 partners in over 40 countries meet regularly under the slogan “We share. We support. We inspire.” This creates an enormous amount of knowledge.

Automation ML - a comprehensive XML-based object-oriented data modeling language. Data has always played an important role in the life cycle of production systems - even more so since the rise of Industry 4.0. 

When operating machines of all kinds, more and more data is collected, e.g. for controling system elements and system analysis. This creates an increasing bottleneck in the data flow, which becomes a problem for technical efficiency and quality. 

AML addresses this problem with, among other things, a lean and distributed file architecture and proven XML data formats. This is what the HOOSY standards are based on.

Thomas Mertens

President bei HOOSY e.V.

Gastro-Visionär an der Schnittstelle zwischen Technologie und kulinarischem Genuss, mit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten Erfahrung.

Yves-Alain Meyer

VP bei HOOSY e.V.

Innovation consultant with a focus on the innovative realignment of services and products including an integration of the tried and tested.

Tim Oberstebrink

Press officer of HOOSY e.V.

Managing director of digital foodservice media and publisher of FOODSERVICE EQUIPMENT NEWS, official publication HOOSY

Stefanie Boeck

Marketing at HOOSY e.V.

Digital expert, speaker, Linkedin Top Content Development Voice, book author of “Restaurant 2.0”, Co-Author of “GastroTechMap” 2023

Julian Dielenhein

Cashier at HOOSY e.V.

Referent und Berater für Verfahrensdokumentation nach GoBD und Kassenführung, mit Passion für ganzheitliche Digitalisierung.

Kai Nasemann

Recorder at HOOSY e.V.

Start-up consultant for corporate development and management with a background in business law.

Jörg Holdenried

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Management consultant with passion for shaping digital transformation in hospitality and tourism.

Florian Herrmann

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Expert for software development, administration and all topics relating to IT in hospitality. Experienced interface strategist.

Rainer Herrmann

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Thought leader for smart kitchen and other innovative areas within hospitality and the use of AI as a controlling tool.

Christoph Digwa

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Der Gastro-Ingenieur, Digitalisierungsberater, KI-Experte, Gründer von der digitalen Servicekraft Menoovo.

Kesavan Ashokkumar

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Business development expert with a focus on invoice processes, liquidity planning and billing automation.

Michael Hoffmann

Active member of HOOSY e.V.

Digitization expert in the area between hardware and software, with a focus on AI and workflow automation.

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