Giving Data one voice – Our promise to you

We believe, the days of manually executing repetitive tasks are over. Humans should do human jobs and let machines do machine jobs. 

As this requires tools that work seamlessly together, our approach is to give data sovereignty back to the owners and ensure a smooth transfer between whatever tools they prefer.

HOOSY Loop Aliance – Our name says it all

As an independent association, we create new standards through international, uniform, consistent classification, description and semantics of devices, materials, systems and services, based on E-CLASS, for hospitality. 

Nobody should worry about which software can transfer data and which cannot. The choice of tools becomes freer than ever before.

The most beautiful industry in the world consists of a lot of market participants, all of whom are (should) be interested in seamless software integrations:

  • Hosts: hotels, motels, B&B, restaurants, catering, system catering, commercial catering, community catering, cafés, care, hospitals etc. who want to rely on the best digital tools.

  • Supplier: software tools, which are mode solely or additionally for hospitality, providers of hardware with IoT implementations or middleware, who wants to think bigger.

  • Supporters: developers and technical minds, opinion makers, planners, consultants, gastro media, trade associations (Dehoga, FCSI, chefs) who want to advance the industry.

  • Investors: financiers, banks, real estate developers, property developers seeking investment security.

HOOSY consists of a group of hospitality experts who have already stumbled over the hurdles of data transfer and quality differences between manufacturers in hospitality.
We are tackling this problem! Every helping hand is welcome:

  • Member: Join us and help us as a member to catapult hospitality towards the future.

  • Certificates: With our certificates, you show your technological openness and quality.

  • Sponsor: Our sponsors provide monetary support for the development of standards and certificates.

  • Ambassador: As an ambassador, you actively promote our idea of ​​uniform data standards.

Assured quality

HOOSY certificates guarantee which relevant data the certified programs can collect.

Secured transmission

Those certificates prove this relevant data can also be transferred to other providers.

Secured deployment

Last but not least, HOOSY certificates ensure that the initial owner also receives the data.

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